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Panasonic 1-Chip DLP projector PT-DZ780 High Quality 7, 000 LUMENS with WUXGA Resolution PT-DW750 High Quality 7, 000 LUMENS with WXGA Resolution PT-DX820 High Quality 8, 200 LUMENS with XGA Resolution
Panasonic 1-chip DLP Projector PT-DZ870 High Quality 8, 500 LUMENS with WUXGA Resolution PT-DW830 High Quality 8, 500 LUMENS with WXGA Resolution PT-DX870 High Quality 10, 000 LUMENS with XGA Resolution
Panasonic 3-Chip DLP Laser light source projector PT-RZ31K 30000 lumens-class Solid Shine Laser Projector with WUXGA
Panasonic PT-DZ10K 3 Chip DLP Projector High brightness and High contrast ratio of 10, 000:1 Dual Lamp System with Lamp Relay mode enables 24/7 operation 10, 600 lumens brightness WUXGA (1, 920 x 1, 200) resolution 10, 000:1 contrast ratio